anna blume ist rot

The book is beautifully designed and offers surprising text discoveries.
Claudia Knopf, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen / Basel

The red cover and the format of the book »Anna Blume ist rot« leads one
to think that it is about a recently published novel. Title and possibly
content in the style of the same name poem of the dadaist Kurt Schwitters? Totally wrong. The book which is designed with great love for details is a collection »indroducing« texts to colour-positions from the fields of art, literature and psychology. Introducing in so far as that it evokes desire for more: experience more, know more.

Experience more about the colours and also about the quoted persons. Black, white, grey which belongs to both, from the starting points of artis-tic-poetic colour approaches and contemplations besides the basic colours red, yellow and blue. The texts are completed by big format pictures, which underline the variety of coloured expressiveness. It is recognizable and vivid, that colour, neither by artists nor by writers, is used arbitrarily.
In her book Irmgard Sonnen is succesful in presenting colour very subtly
as an interdisciplariny medium of communication. Colour as a combining element between matter and mind; between human being and human being. In this sense »Anna Blume ist rot« offers valuable impulses to tackle the topic colour in a larger sense. Professionally or privately.
Christiane Brune-Wiemer, Diplom-Farbdesignerin,

Composing a book
From the ups and dows of colours,
the typography developing a rhythm.
By breaking up the content and spaces, rooms come into being.
Colour weaving.
Starting with white, black, grey and again white.
Anna Blume ist rot.
Colour as event.
A book by Irmgard Sonnen
Xymena Weiß-Gendera, Diplom-Kommunikationsdesignerin

Page by page and letter by letter
In recently founded Queredo Publishers the Düsseldorf communication
designer Irmgard Sonnen creates books at the cut of literature, poetry,
the graphic arts and design. There are only small editions, of course, bothparticular an exquisite, like »Anna Blume ist rot« now. »Color as event«a collection of essays and poems referring to their own topic: colour.
Statements from great painters, poetic approaches to the outward form
and the atmospheric varieties of a colour; all this combines the publisher
and designer Irmgard Sonnen in a convincing manner. And she showshow
contexts can be increased if text, typography and graphic-colour composition of pages are compatible in smallest steps.
Petra Kammann, InRheinkultur. Journal für Kultur an Rhein und Ruhr
fall 2007

Colours are exceedingly fascinating - as this book »Anna Blume ist rot«
proves. The closeness to poetry and language becomes visible by male
and female poets who have dedicated themselves to the phaenomenological and atmospheric varieties of a colour. The Düsseldorf designer Irmgard Sonnen combines playful poetry and colour and offers, both for the reader who is interested in art and the professional creator, enough stimulation toexplore more and to be inspired. The large size pictures and the carefully chosen, partly humerous texts illustrate in a suspenseful sequence of pages and typography how fascinating the range of different forms of expression and techniques of presentation can be. One has always colour phaenomena before one's eyes. The physic, metaphysic stimulous is manifold. The book at hand is sucessful in
a convincing manner to make this stimulous visible and understandable.
Novum, World of Graphic Design, january 2008

This book is really an event.
Ulrich Dewald, editorial staff,


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anna blume ist rot


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anna blume ist rot