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The dash
In the middle of a text it demands free space. Does it leave something out,does it keep a secret? He who is silent does not want to give clear information about the why and how. It moves in the tension between speaking and silence, keeps the thought in the balance and rarely points at something secret. It is surprising what such a small dash can cause!
The book artist and communication designer Irmgard Sonnen has dedicated it convincingly: on fine paper with Japanese binding,
with dust cover and reading thread and numerous wholeside illustrations. The title »Balancing on a dash« speaks volumes and texts, worth reading, creates room for own associations about the unspeakable in the space between.
Can one balance on a dash? Yes, one can.
Petra Kammann, inRheinkultur. Journal für Kultur an Rhein und Rhur Winter 2009

Can one balance on a dash?
One can very well as the communication designer Irmgard Sonnen shows in her latest book which balances between silence and language. In a dictionary one finds the following definition: A dash can stand for longer pause within a sentence. The book at hand is a diary, which approaches the subject from a different angle and which offers the reader to find impulses and stimulations above this lakonic definition. Even authors from the most various ages have consciously used the dash. Karl Riha points at the black square by Malevitsch in the field of painting in his essay »dash — in the literary of modern age« an absolute end yet at the same time the opening of a new ground. Irmgard Sonnen takes the viewer
into this »unknown ground« and draws links to the worth reading analogies, about the unspeakable, the lack of remembrance, the gap, the space in between. The experienced book creator is succesful in presenting a typographic, photographic inspiring work about »the inner border of conservation«. The book contains
a perpetual calender and high-quality execution with Japanese binding and reading thread.
Gabriele Klempert,

I was very pleased with your wonderful silence book. Congratulations for this evidently beautiful work!
Dr. Michael Kröger, Scientific curator, MARTa Herford

Between silence and language
I am holding the book in my hands and I am glad now and then, in
the hectic of every day life, to find some peace and quietness on any page. This diary virtually encourages one to put down some thoughts, to open oneself a little to the thought in oneself. I cannot imagine a better external motivation to keep a diary. The creation is artistically very particular and yet unobtrusive so that the balance appears to be extremely successful. No work kills the reader, the courage for the gap and the thought itsself is always
in the foreground. Even if the text of a grat poets like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Heinrich Heine or Christian Morgenstern might be a little intimidating with regard to self-created texts — the space which is created here is not only worth seeing but also worth to be experienced in the true sense of the word. I am not only pleased to own this book for myself, I believe I can think of one or two contemporaries for whom this balance on the dash coud be a more than just a suitable present.
Florian Hirschmann,

visual poetry need not be concrete
concrete poetry must be visual
poetry need not be poem
poem need not be poetry.
Prof. em. Dr. Hans Brög

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