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A diary of a special kind
Usually they are a little trashy or - on the other hand - absolutly austere: diaries whose charm does not really encourage to deal with one's own time and life.Irmgard Sonnen approaches this subject from quite a different angle...
The attempt of creative Irmgard Sonnen was plain and simple: She wanted to unite the system of a calender and the phantasy of the user. Thus a »time book« came into being which fulfills on the one hand the function of a calender resp. diary, on the other hand is enriched with literary texts in an aesthetic manner. The pages that are to be filled show the questions of Augustinuns »But what is time« as well as texts for time-measuring for the moment, for the experience of time. One can find, amongst others, carefully chosen quotations by Thomas Mann, Marcel Proust, Gustave Flaubert, Samuel Beckett, Heraklit and Newton which are transformed in different typographic styles and thus offer visually tense pages:
The statement »Remembrance of Things Past« streches, for example, fragmentary over several weeks, while »time to take time« is created in such a way that a quick glance is virtually impossible. Slowness, acceleration, halt moments and streams of time are reflected impressively. Unobtrusively in colour, the book has the pleasant title »About the poetry of the moment - a diary for 365 moments« with a fine Japanese binding and hardvover with dust-cover and reading thread. Whoever wants to keep his thought to the next year in a stylish manner or who is yet looking for an unusual Christmas present is well advised with this gem.
Bettina Ulrich, editor in chief of Nouvum, World of Graphic Design, 12/2004

page by page and letter by letter
...this calender-diary reflects all virtues of the accredited designer of visual communication at its best - they are to be found in recently founded Queredo Publishers. There are small editions, both particular and exquisite .
Petra Kammann, inRheinkultur, journal for culture, fall 2007

bound in black
like a sunflower
there is a lot of space in it
if one would use it over years
again and again as a diary/notebook
it will result in an overlapping of events
one wonders whether and how important it would be
that just from one year something results.
probably one can find quite surprising coincidences.
florian fischer, facilitating change




anna blume ist rot







anna blume ist rot